RUBY, your amazing at what you do! I can write an essay about how great you are but I'll keep it short, best service! I am one happy client! Thank you for selling my house in less than two days and buying me a house in one day. OFFICIALLY MY REAL-ESTATE AGENT FOR LIFE! 👌🏽

I’m a firm believer in things happening for reason, and when we were introduced to Ruby through a friend we didn’t know it was a blessing in disguise! If there is one word I would use to describe Ruby…she is CRAZY. Absolutely crazy about her work! Both me and my husband grew to love this about her, and realized that this aspect of her personality is what sets her apart from the others. She puts YOU before anything else; your needs, your wants, and she manages to always find a way to make all your doubts disappear.

You are never left in the dark, as she makes it a point to go over all the fine details of everything you could possibly need to know. “Trust me guys,” this is her mantra, and she is absolutely right! We trusted her to the very end, and she DID NOT disappoint. She came through for us on so many levels. Even after closing the deal, she continued to follow up with us which truly showed that she genuinely cares about her clients and we were not just another number to her. We absolutely love her, and would definitely recommend her to all our friends and family. RUBY will definitely be our agent for life!!!!
Ruby isn't just business, she becomes family and never just thinks of profit. She thinks about your new home and her clients well being in the future. Amazing agent.. amazing person. I Would highly recommend her to anyone
By far Ruby is the best Professional Realtor in GT! She works hard for her clients and she never gives up until the best results are achieved. Ruby knows the real estate market and she always predicts right, very punctual, trustworthy, passionate, reliable and open-minded. Up to date with information sharing and always utilizing technology to the fullest.

Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

We were so blessed to have worked with Ruby in selling our first and second home. We did not know what to expect. We can safely say that our experience with Ruby was nothing short of spectacular! She completely exceeded our expections, not once, but twice!

Before being a great realtor , Ruby is simply a lovely person, who is tactful, a pleasure to deal with, honest in setting up expectations and completely dedicated to her clients.

She is a true role model of what a realtor should be and with a great combination of integrity, knowledge and passion. 

Ruby, you are truly awesome.



Ruby is awesome! She was very professional and really looked out for us. I would recommend her to everyone. She exceeded our expectations by far. She's a real gem!
Selling and buying a home is a strenuousness and stressful experience for a home owner, but Ruby's experience and professionalism made that into a pleasant one. We were fortunate to have Ruby as our Realtor, as she really excelled our expectations. During the process, she not only acted as our realtor, but also as our adviser, and performed other roles like arranging good lawyers, renovators and mortgage agents. It is an efficient and excellent team you have. Ruby was always available among her busy schedule, providing valuable tips and knowledgeable insights.

We would strongly recommend Ruby to all home buyers and sellers. Our sincere thanks are due to Ruby for a very quick sale with enormous monetary benefit. Good luck in your future endeavors. By the way during this process not only did we acquire extremely talented realtor, but a great family friend.
Ruby was a referral from one of my friends and we found her to be extremely professional and experienced. We chose her to buy and sell our home and had the most amazing experience. Words CANNOT describe how superb Ruby is as a professional realtor that delivers top-notch world class service!

I was very emotionally attached to my home as it was my first home and had beautiful memories. Buying and Selling a home is a business transaction, and many of the other agents that we interviewed before Ruby treated the entire process as purely business (very impersonal and all-business). Our experience with Ruby, while professional, was also very personal, we got to learn about Ruby and her family and likewise she got to know us. Ruby managed to get our first offer in at asking price within 24 hours before it was listed on MLS and we eventually sold our home 3 days after it was listed over asking price – She has certainly raised the bar for her competitors.

Ruby is highly recommended and here is why:
1) She is technically savvy and accessible - Ruby uses every technology channel possible to communicate with you, from email to text.
2) Ruby over communicates in order to be very clear that she understands what we want and that we understand what she advises. She is always informative, has a lot of positive energy, along with her no BS attitude.
3) She is very accommodating and focused.
4) She always thinks on your behalf and protecting the buyer is her top priority. When we finally found the perfect home she worked very fast to ensure it would land in our budget. She left no stone unturned and was there Every Step of the way - we just trusted her and she absolutely delivered.

We can certainly vouch that Ruby will do her best to help you get the home that you want and sell your home at over-asking price. All in all, we LOVE Ruby and she'll definitely be our real estate agent forever!!
I met Ruby only once and that was the time I bought my first house. I was impressed by her professionalism and kind consideration! Thank you and keep up the great job!
YOU ARE AWESOME!! We have nothing but praises for such an excellent job done. You have a LOYAL CUSTOMER in us, because not only does your explanations, patience or strategies as sale representative work, which is of vital importance to owners, but the QUALITY of work in STAGING and EXPOSURE exceeds all expectations. We listed our house with an online sales agent hoping to save some money and for 3 months not a single offer was made, a friend advise us to give Madam Ruby a call, and we did so. She took the property and in less than 2 weeks she got it sold for more than 100%.

Excellent is the only word that can describe her work, You are ONE OF A KIND. Well done, and thank you for making it Look so simple.

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